Hello Booknerds!

I spend most of my time observing people. So for a long, long time..I’ve seen people do all but read. Whenever I pick up a book, there are three people mocking me about how much I read. As if it makes me different or weirder than the rest of them just because I choose a book as my companion. Many times it makes me question myself about my social life. Is it actually that bad? Should I give up on what I am just to fit in with the rest of the ‘others’?

Reading should be normal, shouldn’t it? Then why don’t we talk more openly about it just like we discuss our favorite TV series? Or are we so much into the Netflix and Prime era that we don’t have enough time for a light reading? For those who say ‘I don’t have time for this’, Let’s start with how much free time we have in a day:

According to a few studies, an ordinary person has an average of 4 to 6 hours of free time throughout the day. If you download an app for screen time on your phone (It’ll take you literally 10 seconds), you’ll know that you dedicate a minimum of two to four hours to it each day. Rounding it off, you’re online approximately for 24 hours a week. Surprising for someone who claims they have no time, isn’t it? Throughout the day, you approximately spend 1-4 hours to commute. It’s not that difficult to carry a paperback in your bag or play an audio book instead of staring at random people while scrolling through your phone and listening to songs which make you feel cool. So unless you’re Steve from Stranger Things or the Prime Minister, you have no right to calling yourself ‘too busy to read’.

Reading isn’t just scrolling through your feed and clicking on whatever article that looks interesting while yawning and drinking your coffee. It is an art that can be mastered with some time and a little bit of efforts. All it needs is some dedication and a lot of coffee from your side. You’re thinking that it is too late. You’ve made it this far without picking up a big fat book. Why not wait the rest of your life? It can be so exhausting to spend hours and hours to complete a book. Why not do something and and, let’s say, waste time instead.

That is exactly what I thought a few years ago. If you could watch a film about the same and save all that extra time required to read a 400 paged novel, then why even bother to pick it up ? Why skim through the newspaper uneasily when you can just turn on the news channel? Why all those extra efforts? These questions are completely legitimate until you find the book which will change your perspective about reading. The right book. You just have to look for it.

Welcome to my blog Booknerds (you will be, eventually). In my following posts, I will explore reading in it’s raw form. I will recommend, review and discuss about different types of books. Through this, I aspire to change the perspective of the few people who are currently reading this and introduce them to the beautiful world of books. 

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